Please note: You don’t have to be a member of the Sangre de Cristo HOG Chapter to use this site, but you do have to be both a chapter member AND registered on the site to post here. If we don’t recognize your name and a search doesn’t find your registered email address, we will send you an email and if it it not answered, you will be deleted. Membership applications can be found on the “Join Us?” page.

Not a member yet? Are you wondering what Sangre de Cristo can offer you? Let’s see if we can answer that for you.  As one of the largest riding clubs in the world, we can give you over 500,000 brother/sister members across the globe. A stop at any Harley store will most likely get you a ride no matter where you travel. Wait, is that too broad for you? More interested in local? OK, let’s talk about Santa Fe and the surrounding area. Sangre de Cristo rides. We schedule several rides a month, year-round! Yes, they’re group rides mostly, but if that worries you, many of our group rides are fairly small. Groups of 5 riders is not unusual, but larger groups are not out of the question either. Group rides expose a rider to our members, their experiences, their favorite rides, and their friendships.

New rider or new to Harley?  We’ve all  been there. Joining any group like Sangre de Cristo H.O.G. Chapter is an experience that can help you develop your riding skills. This happens because we all look out for each other. Chapter rides will add to your riding skillset. If your a new rider or even a rider that’s returning to riding, you may want to explore taking the Riding Academy course to refresh your skills and riding with the chapter allowed you to hone these skills. You’ll experience roads you never knew existed. You’ll make friends that will have your back in all of life’s journeys. You’ll gain riding confidence that can be tied directly to the chapter.

Check us out, it’s free to try!  Join us on a ride or two. HOG rules allow us to take you on two of our rides without making you join. All you have to do is fill out a liability release at the time of the ride and you can experience our chapter. If you love us, as we know you will, it’s only $20 to join.

The Board & Membership of  Sangre de Cristo HOG