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2019 Rides & Events 
JULY:  *indicates a SFHD event
*07/04/19~SFH-D Closed For Holiday
*07/07/19~Chris’ Ride to Ribs in Cedar Crest
07/18/19~Director’s Breakfast~KSU from El Dorado gas station @ 8:30
07/20/19~SDC Ride to Angel Fire~Meet @ 10:00 @ SFHD~KSU @ 10:30
07/25/19~SDC Road Captain’s Meeting
07/27/19~SDC Ride to Las Vegas for Rough Rider~Meet @ 10:00~KSU @ 10:30 Rough Riders Rally is from 07/26-28/19

AUGUST: *indicates a SFHD event
08/11/19~Ride to Cimarron NM~SFHD meet @ 8:00~KSU @ 8:30
08/23/19~Director’s Breakfast & Scoot & Shoot
08/24/19~Ride to Ruidoso~SFHD meet @ 8:00~KSU @ 8:30
08/26 to 28~Ouray CO for 2 nights~SFHD meet @ 9:00~KSU @ 9:30
08/29/19~SDC Road Captain’s Meeting~6:00 to 8:00~location TBA

SEPTEMBER: *indicates a SFHD event
09/14/19~Route 17 Ride~SFHD meet @ 9:00~KSU @ 9:30
09/15/19~Aspen Freedom Run
*09/15/19~David Pearson’s Ride~KSU @ 10:00~It should be a 3 hour ride
*09/21/19~National Wife Appreciation Day @ 
Santa Fe Harley Davidson. 

09/26/29~Dizzy’s Continental Divide Ride~SFHD meet @ 8:00~KSU @ 8:30
09/26/19~SDC Road Captain’s Meeting~6:00 to 8:00~location TBA
*09/28/19~Easy Rider Celebrations commenting the 50th anniversary of the movie

October: *indicates a SFHD event
*10/05/19~Making Strides Walk & BBQ~Fundraiser for Breast Cancer awareness @ SFHD. Walk starts @ Vill Linda Park
??/??/??~Dizzy’s Ride to Canadian River Gorge~8:30 meet w/KSU @9:00
10/19-20/19~SDC Overnight Ride to Clayton NM~Lodging @ Ekland Hotel~More info will be sent by email as it’s firmed up

November: *indicates a SFHD event
11/02/19~Rob’s Ride to Tucumcari NM~SFHD meet @ 9:00~KSU @ 9:30
11/21/19~SDC Road Captain’s Meeting~6:00 to 8:00~location TBA
*11/28/19 Santa Fe Harley-Davidson Closed for Thanksgiving Day

December: *indicates a SFHD event
12/13/19~Sangre de Cristo Harley Owner’s Group’s Friday the 13th Holiday Party @ Bourbon Grill. Meet @ 6:00 with Dinner @ 7:00
*Santa Fe Harley-Davidson Holiday hours & closings~Open Sunday 12/22/19~10:00-3:00. Closed for winter break 12/23/19 thru 01/01/20.

More to come as we develop the year’s schedule!

Not a member yet? I bet you’re wondering what Sangre de Cristo can offer you. Well, I can give you what I think we can offer. As one of the largest riding clubs in the world, we can give you over 500,000 brother/sister members across the globe. A stop at any Harley store will most likely get you a ride no matter where you travel. Wait, is that too broad for you? More interested in local? OK, let’s talk about Santa Fe and the surrounding area. Sangre de Cristo rides. We schedule several rides a month, year-round! Yes, they’re group rides mostly, but if that worries you, many of our group rides are fairly small. Groups of 5 riders is not unusual, but larger groups are not out of the question either. Group rides expose a rider to our members, their experiences, their favorite rides, and their friendships.

New rider or new to Harley?  I’ve been there. I joined Sangre de Cristo 5  years ago and now I’m the director, webmaster, and a road captain of the chapter. This happened because of the friends I made here. The chapter taught me riding skills I never had, even for a long time rider. I took the Riding Academy course to improve my skills and riding with the chapter allowed me to hone these skills. You’ll experience roads you never knew existed. You’ll make friends that will have your back in all of life’s journeys. You’ll gain riding confidence that can be tied directly to the chapter.

Check us out, it’s free to try!  Join us on a ride or two. HOG rules allow us to take you on two of our rides without making you join. All you have to do is fill out a liability release at the time of the ride and you can experience our chapter. If you love us, as I know you will, it’s only $20 to join.

Glen B. Post
Sangre de Cristo HOG
Director & Webmaster