Welcome to the SDC-HOG website!

I basically moved the old site to a new folder to make sure I didn’t do anything that was permanently destructive, but it sure looks good to me. I’ll leave the old forum where it is currently. Let me know if you feel I should add anything. I’m always open to additions that I missed or didn’t think of.

This site is phone or tablet friendly, so if that’s your internet choice, we’ve got you covered. As a dinosaur, I still prefer and computer. I find it easier to add text and pics from a larger screen.

You can add pictures to your posts here in the member postings section, just use the “Add Media” button above your posting options. I may have to tweak the media sizes, but I’m not done with this yet. There’s more to come.

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2 Responses to Welcome to the SDC-HOG website!

  1. Rob2Ride says:

    Nice job Glen, I like it.

    Once I get back on the road from my mishap, I’ll post some pics. In the meantime, this is a great place to keep in touch with other members. I like that I can get instant access to the Newsletters and Calendar.

    Ride on!


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