Bardstown Ride Report

Well, we made it to the Collision or C6. Met a great group of bikers, had some good times, broke bread with them and I’m pretty damned sure I’ll be back for C7. No more info since I’ve been sworn to secrecy!

Makers Mark Tasting Room

It’s pretty weird, all these warehouses are painted black or dark brown to keep it very warm in them.

Makers Mark 46 may be my new bourbon.

Barrels of booze.

It’s a sign! Really, it’s only a sign…

Yeast vats.

Another sign!

Scenery. Pretty.

Our hotel, The General Nelson Inn.

Info on the old guy…

One of the owners water her buildings painted chocolate brown, with red shutters with the Markers Mark bottle cut into it.

See Mom, I went to church!

Parked in front of church.

Tomorrow, heading north to Michigan!

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