Is this the first Harley Dealership in New Mexico? The address is 205 (215?) Central Avenue, Albuquerque. Seven years after the beginning of mass production in Milwaukee New Mexico had a dealership. Imagine the roads the new riders encountered as most were not paved. The Mother Road, Route 66, was still 16 years away from beginning construction. Love the name – “Ye Harley Shope” which probably connects with the horse and buggy culture of the era.

For folks needing a refresher on what the big deal was all about, here is the Silent Gray Fellow. In 1911, 5,625 model 7Ds were manufactured. The 7D’s motor was the F-Head IOE and used by the Company until 1929. It sold for $300 which with inflation would be $7,879 in today’s currency. Ignition was by a magneto and started using bicycle-style pedals to crank the engine. The name was a tribute to William S Harley who was known for his quiet personality.

In other news – A large tariff has been levied on US motorcycles by our allies in Europe in response to the trade war started by Trump. The Company’s response, reported in today’s business news, is to shift manufacturing of HD motorcycles in part to Europe. Where this leads is any ones guess but it can’t be good for the Company after three years of diminished sales or for American manufacturing jobs. Guess we will have to wait and see.

See you on the road….

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