The July 22nd Chama Ride & Beyond!

Fritz says:
We had a beautiful ride yesterday with a total of 14 bikes (4 joining en-route). The scenery was fantastic, and I believe it gets better every time I see it. A few Sangre De Cristo HOG brothers and sisters, whom we hadn’t seen in some time, joined us. We even had some folks that we’ve never ridden with join us! The group was fantastic and I for one really enjoyed talking with everyone. The High Country Restaurant in Chama set us up in the back room, and we had it to ourselves! After lunch, most of us made the loop North across Colorado Hwy17. As usual this stretch of road did not disappoint, with lots of cool air and beautiful scenery. We stopped for a quick break in Tres Piedras and some stopped for dessert. Others checked out the local real estate for future business potential While it was a bit warm after we left the mountains, the ride was well worth it! Thanks to everyone that participated, and for the rest of you that didn’t, you missed another great opportunity to get out and ride with your Sangre De Cristo HOG Chapter!!!

Frank K. was on scene for the ride on Sunday.

Ramblin’ Rick made several appearances!

The briefing since we had new riders.

And another shot of the briefing! Impressive, ain’t it?

Richard, a new face among us!

Gas @ Bodes, our usual stop.

Gas @ Bodes, our usual stop.

So here we are, parked in our usual disorder.

Gas @ Bodes, our usual stop. Not in order…

Perusing the menus. It appears that they have new menus this year.

Another view of us viewing the menus. Nice job Fritz!

The long view?

Another long view. The guy in the red shirt is Scott, owner of a free-wheeler!

I stole Fritz’s camera to make sure we got a shot of him. Of him, not AT him.

Jose G. and his lovely better half.

Dennis & Cheryl joined us on their way back from Durango.

Posing for a pretty picture. We’re short a few because they were in the restrooms and we all couldn’t fit in there for the pic.

Fritz caught me window shopping.

Fritz even posted a map in case we want to go back there! Thanks for all the pictures Fritz, you’re my favorite person with a camera.\

Glen says:
This was the largest ride of the year so far. I expect the August 11th ride to surpass this one, but 19 people is nothing to sneeze at, is it? Rob’s count of 14 bikes and one cage sounds, about right. It was great seeing Dennis and Cheryl there to meet us on their way back from Durango. We saw some new faces on Sunday, which was great! I passed out membership applications to them and they signed the necessary releases for the ride. At one point my bike read 105° while riding through Espanola. Overall, it was a great ride on a very hot day!

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