The Ride to Taos

The ride to Taos. Pics by Dan Bandel. 10 people on 8 bikes. Lunch was @ Ranchos Plaza Grill and we ate outside. My first time there. Thanks Caroline for making the arrangements with the restaurant and kudos to John & Becky for handling the rest of the details.

Upon arrival.

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8? Yep, 8 bikes!

Dan Bandel

Someone’s vest.

Becky and John! Isn’t she stunning?

Damn I’m cute!

Why don’t I have a hat like that one?

Sweet Caroline! Nothing else says it all like that!

Looks like Fred Armijo has a secret!

Dizzy! Smile dammit!

Nice vest. Wonder whose it is?

Carl Siel. Hi Carl!

Mojo’s smiling! Watch out everyone!

Hi Becky!

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