09/30/18 Fam Ride to the Quarai Ruins

The Sunday Fam Ride to the Quarai Ruins was very well attended. Since this was the first one, we were unsure about how many would be interested, but we had about 35 bikes and 55 people in attendance. The ride was good and pretty large for one group, but DAMN, it looked good seeing all those headlights following me. The pics, in no particular order were taken by Rob Lunn. I stole them off his FB profile. Thanks Rob?

Gathering the masses!

What a long line of bikes!

At the gas/potty stop. Better safe than sorry.

Skip checking his phone to see if it was time to go potty.

Nuttman among others!

The picnic area at Quarai.

The church we all were at Sunday.

Another shot of the picnic area.

Misc. store employees. Can’t remember the 2 guys names, but Jacqui is easy to remember.

People eating before we went to church.


HOG members and someone else with a headband.

Debby accusing Glen of cheating while drawing names for the gift cards. I hate getting caught!

All of us marching into church.

In church. No pews? PEWS, hey there’s no roof either!

Listening to me spread the word.

Debby telling us a story.


Can you which one is me?

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