The Haunted Hunt

This hunt brings us south of I-40 into ghost towns or scarcely populated villages. We start the hunt in an old Post Office located in the ghost town of Negra. Settled by a family named Williams, the town was placed along the AT&SF Railroad in 1905 or 1906.

The building pictured here is visible off of Route 60 and has a very short gravel road to travel to get here. 60 feet or so and hard packed. Just west of Encino on Rte. 60, look for the sign, and stop at the pictured Post Office to get a picture worth 30 points! For some reason, there are church pews inside.
Heading east on 60, you arrive in Encino and on the left side you’ll see the Encino Motel. No exploring here, it’s been fenced off from the scourge of abandoned properties, vandal. Grab your cell phone and take your picture for another 30 points. Keep heading east for the next shooting spot.
On the let side of the road in Vaugh, you’ll see this old service garage. You can enter, but be careful inside. I flipped a u-turn to get this shot. 25 points and then you head west a block or so for your next shot. Hey, you can see my new selfie stick in this pic!
Stop at the bar down the street, but you can’t go in, it’s been closed for years! It’s the Silver Spur and I’m sure Vaughn residents are sorry it’s closed. 25 points and another u-turn will bring you back into the hunt! While in Vaughn, I like to stop for lunch at Penny’s Diner! You’ll be headed to Yeso after lunch.
Park anywhere you want in front of this shuttered museum, there’s so little traffic on 60 at this point. There is a shoulder there, but it has a surprise drop off, so be careful. Nina looks good standing there. 25 points and you’ve finished the regular hunt in this set. Explore Yeso, it’s a true ghost town with only 3 residents. Yes, that few residents does give it ghost status.

Tell you what, for the length of this ride, your deserve a bonus picture. Keep heading east to Fort Sumner and take a picture of your bike in front of the Billy the Kid Museum and you’ll get an extra 25 points. Lot’s of history on today’s trip, but that’s what our state has plenty of. Are you having fun yet?

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