The La Cueva Hunt

This hunt takes you to the La Cueva Mill just off of NM 518 on Route 442. The old adobe mill compex, built in the 1850’s of adobe brick on a rock foundation, was part of a large shipping center for livestock and agricultural products. The mill ground flour for many families in the Mora Valley and the La Cueva area. The mill itself generated electricity through 1949 and today is in good condition and has extensive storage buildings.

The mill building and sign explaining the mill’s history, along with the 510 sign all show where to park.

The currently surviving buildings of the now William Salman Ranch at the Nation Historic Site, are the Big House, the Merchantile Building (Salman Ranch Store), and the La Cueva Mill. The San Rafael Mission Church, some other out building, an old home on a hilltop, and many stone walls also remain.

The mill wheel, Jake and our bikes in the background.

After the mill, your next stop is just a very short distance away. Less than a city block. OH WAIT, this isn’t the city, Just a stone’s throw away on your left.

Wander into the La Cueva Store after you take your picture. Your spouse or partner will love the goodies you find in there. No spouse or partner, spoil yourself then, some delicious items there!

At this point, you can either head back down 518 and explore on your own or continue up 442 to Ocate. The following picture will not count for or against you, but it’s a cool old building. If you choose to follow 442, you’ll enjoy a great ride to Ocate and get to enjoy the high plains area of Mora County. You’ll see more antelope on this route than you could ever hope to see elsewhere. Submit pictures to:

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