The Southeast Hunt

This one is a bit far afield, so I’ve included a map.

This hunt starts at I-40 and 129. Newkirk has the first 2 pictures.
Say hi to Dizzy. He came with me on this hunt. At this location, I need the 3 tanks and your bike, if you please.

I don’t know what my attraction is with abandoned properties, but these hunts seem to have quite a few of them. The Vista Mini Mart is exactly that, Mini!

Just across I-40 is this still living gas station. Stop in and get a water, stay hydrated while doing this. Don’t forget a picture of the station and your bike.

The gas station is a remote business and they have a interesting selection of Route 66 items for sale. Tiny is an understatement here, but they have a nice selection of drinks and snacks. I stop there whenever I pass by.

Conchas Lake sign. Any sign with your bike in it will do.

If you’ve come this far and haven’t been to Conchas Lake, make the turn off of NM 104 & explore this lake and surrounding area. Make the turn even if you’ve been there, the temperature drops as you get closer to the lake.

If you’re heading north, it’s the last pullout on the left, near the top. If you’re doing this going south, it’s the first pullout on the right. That triangular spot in the middle is a cave or mine, but I’m not sure which.

There are several pullouts, so you can pick and choose, but this one pictured here is the largest and safest one for bikers. Great scenery on this section of 104!

Oh boy! DON’T DO WHAT I DID! Do not park where I did. Park on the other shoulder if you’re going to do this one. It took 2 of us for me to get the bike of the side stand.

No one will get dinged for missing this shot, but it’s a cool conglomeration of parts and worth a look. If you park on the other side of the road, it’s safe. Just send me a picture of the car if you’d like. Submit your pictures to:

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