Veteran’s Day Ceremony


11-11-2020 our chapter met @ Santa Fe Harley-Davidson for our annual ride to Santa Fe National Cemetery’s Buffalo Soldier Memorial. We do this yearly to honor our vets and to remember those that passed before us. About a dozen of us rode from SFHD @ 11:00 with Jonathan Beswick along to carry the service flags in his pickup truck. Little did we know, he brought his camera gear and as a talented photog and videographer, he started filming almost immediately.

Rick Ribich recited The Final Inspection, the first of the readings. Gilbert Gurule, read Flanders Field, the piece Bill Kennedy always read during these ceremonies. Both were read with visible emotion and possibly a tear or two was shed. In my 6 years with Sangre de Cristo, these ceremonies have always been the most emotional for me.

We had our usual compliment of Chapter Members in attendance on this ride, along with 2 or 3 cages following.


Rick Ribich
Rick Montoya
Gilbert Gurule
Eric Christoffersen
Harry Skip Nichols
John Nutt
Dizzy Jake
Fred Armijo
Bob Tichacek
John Herrera
Steve Whitmer
Paul Hatch
Tom Johnson
Jonathan Beswick (creator of the attached video)

Afterwards, members milled about and some went to visit graves or memorials. Others gathered and talked. Others just left to find their way to Joe’s Dining.
Eleven of us enjoyed Joe’s hospitality. Even with the covid restrictions, it almost felt normal and we left well fed.

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