Eight of us did the Polar Brrr Ride. I think this was a Gil Danz ride originally, but I’m not sure. Should have asked Gilbert if he knew at lunch. The brave souls that come out, despite the cold, were:

  • Gilbert Gurule, our new Director
  • Glen Post
  • Rob Lunn
  • Pete Hippauf
  • Augie Calija
  • Sweet Caroline
  • Rick Montoya
  • Dizzy Jake

Gilbert led the ride and kept us at a nice pace. The ride took us almost exactly the hour we told management at Chili Hills it would take us to get there. Since this was the first time Gilbert was there, we switched places just before Moriarty. Parking is great and plentiful, and even thought we had to eat outside, the sun kept us nice and warm on the 40° day.

Service was great. The owner kept us topped off with hot chocolate and waters and the food was delivered as soon as it was prepared, so it came out nice and hot. All told, it was about 15 minutes between the first meal came out and the last was delivered.

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