A Saturday Ride in the Country and Desert and Forest and Highway

Did the year’s first pickup ride today. Sparse attendance, three riders and myself, but we had a great time. Nice thing about this group, all experienced riders and we kicked ass on the twisties. Right to left: Marvin, Silviano, Tom, and me. The Highroad to Taos is always a fun ride with the Chapter, but in a small group of riders, it was great! Thanks for keeping me company guys, I had a blast!

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Cold Weather Riding? I do it, do you?

I’ve been riding with Dizzy and Rob whenever I can this month and I have to tell you, my new heated gear makes it almost pleasant. I can’t say it’s like a nice spring or fall day’s ride, but I’m enjoying the miles.

I know, I should have smiled, but I was trying out my selfie stick for the first time and concentrating on it.
Dizzy, counting his mufflers.
Dems sum ged lookin Harleys!
Cold! Windy! Really freaking windy! Time to head our separate ways! Once again with the selfie stick!
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OK, this is freaking cool.

I like the idea of keeping the motorcycle feel while having 3 wheels as it’s needed by some.
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Sangre de Cristo HOG Christmas Party Pictures

Names will read right to left.

Good group of 38 people. Three either changed their mind about showing or forgot. We all had a great time and we got a bit loud.

Just a forgotten mention here. All photos in this gallery were taken by Fritz Besch. Great Job Fritz!

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Women on motorcycles through the years

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Doug & John’s Big Adventure

Stateline Bar & Grill Premium Seating

John the First Night at Moab Brewery – Sinking Fast

Stateline Bar & Grill at Utah Border

John & Doug the Second Night at Moab Brewery – Still Standing

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park

Finger Canyons at the Park

Lunch with Iron Horse at Canyonlands

Doug on the Precipice

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09/30/18 Fam Ride to the Quarai Ruins

The Sunday Fam Ride to the Quarai Ruins was very well attended. Since this was the first one, we were unsure about how many would be interested, but we had about 35 bikes and 55 people in attendance. The ride was good and pretty large for one group, but DAMN, it looked good seeing all those headlights following me. The pics, in no particular order were taken by Rob Lunn. I stole them off his FB profile. Thanks Rob?

Gathering the masses!

What a long line of bikes!

At the gas/potty stop. Better safe than sorry.

Skip checking his phone to see if it was time to go potty.

Nuttman among others!

The picnic area at Quarai.

The church we all were at Sunday.

Another shot of the picnic area.

Misc. store employees. Can’t remember the 2 guys names, but Jacqui is easy to remember.

People eating before we went to church.


HOG members and someone else with a headband.

Debby accusing Glen of cheating while drawing names for the gift cards. I hate getting caught!

All of us marching into church.

In church. No pews? PEWS, hey there’s no roof either!

Listening to me spread the word.

Debby telling us a story.


Can you which one is me?

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Rob Lunn posted on FB

Rob wrote:

Out with some of the SDC HOG’s (also including Nina Post, Dizzy Jake, Doug Fairfield and Caroline Kline) for our 1st Mystery Ride. Glen B. Post took us up the Taos High Road for a desert “lunch” at the Sugar Nymph Bistro. Afterwards we headed down 518 to Las Vegas which was supposed to be the real lunch stop, but folks were too full of Chocolate or Carrot or German Chocolate or Pecan pie to find room for lunch. Just a few blocks rain drops but otherwise a nice weather ride. ( I was in my cage so I was cool and dry… Lol).
Thanks Glen!

He took pictures too!

Thanks Rob!

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The All NM HOG Picnic.

Saturday, the 15th, a group of Sangre de Cristo HOGs headed south to Ruidoso, or Reodosi as Rob likes to call it, for the All NM Hog picnic. It was well set up and Southern NM HOG chapter did an amazing job. As usual, I remembered none of the names of people I met, so misc. HOG people and mystery guy was used in place of their names. (Sorry) Food was simple but good and plentiful. Attending from SdC was Doug & Marcella, Peter, Dizzy, Rob & Christina in a cage (Christina was stopped by the cops, BTW 😂), and me. The ride down was uneventful, the picnic was fun, The ride home saw us splitting up and Peter, Dizzy and myself ran the ride home as usual, just a mile or two over the speed limit. One of Dizzy’s slip-ons required a bit of wrenching, which caused us to stop for about 5 minutes and we were racing the rain again. As far as I know, no one got wet yesterday. Enjoy the pics!

Thanks and kudos to the Southern NM HOG Chapter for putting this together!

Misc. HOG peoples!

Misc. HOG peoples!

Misc. HOG peoples!

Misc. HOG peoples!

Peter & Friend

Marcella & Dizzy

Turquoise Trail director, Southern NM asst. director, and me. We were plotting and scheming about which chapter was going to do the 2019 event. Next year, Turquoise Trail and Sangre de Cristo will host the event somewhere south of I-40, but close enough to both of us to make it easy to set up on the day. More details next year.

Misc. HOG peoples!

Doug, mystery guy, & Pete.

Misc. HOG peoples!

Misc. HOG peoples!

Me watching Doug & Marcella, Rob, Dizzy and mystery guy.

Christina and Rob.

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The Ride to Taos w/David & Debby Leading the Pack

Good group of riders for this ride. 11 bikes and 1 “Harley Slingshot”. Hey, Tom put a Harley sticker on it! Dizzy, Pete, Eric, Rick, Carl, Tom, Doug, myself, Mojo, and Steve all followed Debby & David to Taos. David kept a brisk 5 mph over speed 🤣 all the way there. Once in Taos, the group split and did their own thing. It was great seeing Grandpa Tom Johnson on his first ride away from his 4 week old grandson!

David in his Sunday go to church shirt, and Debby watching him like a hawk!

That is NOT a Harley David is riding.

Thanks to Peter H. for the two pictures.

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The Ride to Taos

The ride to Taos. Pics by Dan Bandel. 10 people on 8 bikes. Lunch was @ Ranchos Plaza Grill and we ate outside. My first time there. Thanks Caroline for making the arrangements with the restaurant and kudos to John & Becky for handling the rest of the details.

Upon arrival.

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8? Yep, 8 bikes!

Dan Bandel

Someone’s vest.

Becky and John! Isn’t she stunning?

Damn I’m cute!

Why don’t I have a hat like that one?

Sweet Caroline! Nothing else says it all like that!

Looks like Fred Armijo has a secret!

Dizzy! Smile dammit!

Nice vest. Wonder whose it is?

Carl Siel. Hi Carl!

Mojo’s smiling! Watch out everyone!

Hi Becky!

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The Mid-Week Ride to Tucumcari!

Very low turnout for this ride. After deciding that the ride was probably going to be too hot, too long, and too unimpressive with only 3 bikes and 4 people,

We may try to head to Tucumcari again at a cooler date, but not as cold as we tried last spring.

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Celebrate Jeanne

We did the Jeanne Brooks ride on the Saturday, August 11, 2018. The ride was not to mourn her passing but to celebrate her life and celebrate we did. Pa led the ride and about 25 bikes, some with passengers, made the trip down to RIBS from Santa Fe Harley-Davidson. Sheyla made her debut as a group rider and did a fine job of it. I see a 2 wheel ride in her future. 35 people gathered at RIBS to celebrate Jeanne’s life, even a couple that never met her.  Enjoy the pics that follows:

Nuttman’s GoPro Pics

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The July 22nd Chama Ride & Beyond!

Fritz says:
We had a beautiful ride yesterday with a total of 14 bikes (4 joining en-route). The scenery was fantastic, and I believe it gets better every time I see it. A few Sangre De Cristo HOG brothers and sisters, whom we hadn’t seen in some time, joined us. We even had some folks that we’ve never ridden with join us! The group was fantastic and I for one really enjoyed talking with everyone. The High Country Restaurant in Chama set us up in the back room, and we had it to ourselves! After lunch, most of us made the loop North across Colorado Hwy17. As usual this stretch of road did not disappoint, with lots of cool air and beautiful scenery. We stopped for a quick break in Tres Piedras and some stopped for dessert. Others checked out the local real estate for future business potential While it was a bit warm after we left the mountains, the ride was well worth it! Thanks to everyone that participated, and for the rest of you that didn’t, you missed another great opportunity to get out and ride with your Sangre De Cristo HOG Chapter!!!

Frank K. was on scene for the ride on Sunday.

Ramblin’ Rick made several appearances!

The briefing since we had new riders.

And another shot of the briefing! Impressive, ain’t it?

Richard, a new face among us!

Gas @ Bodes, our usual stop.

Gas @ Bodes, our usual stop.

So here we are, parked in our usual disorder.

Gas @ Bodes, our usual stop. Not in order…

Perusing the menus. It appears that they have new menus this year.

Another view of us viewing the menus. Nice job Fritz!

The long view?

Another long view. The guy in the red shirt is Scott, owner of a free-wheeler!

I stole Fritz’s camera to make sure we got a shot of him. Of him, not AT him.

Jose G. and his lovely better half.

Dennis & Cheryl joined us on their way back from Durango.

Posing for a pretty picture. We’re short a few because they were in the restrooms and we all couldn’t fit in there for the pic.

Fritz caught me window shopping.

Fritz even posted a map in case we want to go back there! Thanks for all the pictures Fritz, you’re my favorite person with a camera.\

Glen says:
This was the largest ride of the year so far. I expect the August 11th ride to surpass this one, but 19 people is nothing to sneeze at, is it? Rob’s count of 14 bikes and one cage sounds, about right. It was great seeing Dennis and Cheryl there to meet us on their way back from Durango. We saw some new faces on Sunday, which was great! I passed out membership applications to them and they signed the necessary releases for the ride. At one point my bike read 105° while riding through Espanola. Overall, it was a great ride on a very hot day!

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Is this the first Harley Dealership in New Mexico? The address is 205 (215?) Central Avenue, Albuquerque. Seven years after the beginning of mass production in Milwaukee New Mexico had a dealership. Imagine the roads the new riders encountered as most were not paved. The Mother Road, Route 66, was still 16 years away from beginning construction. Love the name – “Ye Harley Shope” which probably connects with the horse and buggy culture of the era.

For folks needing a refresher on what the big deal was all about, here is the Silent Gray Fellow. In 1911, 5,625 model 7Ds were manufactured. The 7D’s motor was the F-Head IOE and used by the Company until 1929. It sold for $300 which with inflation would be $7,879 in today’s currency. Ignition was by a magneto and started using bicycle-style pedals to crank the engine. The name was a tribute to William S Harley who was known for his quiet personality.

In other news – A large tariff has been levied on US motorcycles by our allies in Europe in response to the trade war started by Trump. The Company’s response, reported in today’s business news, is to shift manufacturing of HD motorcycles in part to Europe. Where this leads is any ones guess but it can’t be good for the Company after three years of diminished sales or for American manufacturing jobs. Guess we will have to wait and see.

See you on the road….

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