The Lost Wages Hunt

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Minutes of the Road Captain Meeting 06-28.19

The June meeting was held on 27 June at the Loyal Hound with the following RCs in attendance:
Fritz Besch
Doug Fairfield
Gilbert Gurule
Harry Nichols
John Nuttman
Bob Parnell
Glen Post

Not present were:
Rob Lunn
Daniel Reiher
Dizzy Jake
Tom Johnson

Everyone agreed that the monthly meeting was beneficial to allow us to build better group dynamics and clearer alignment with each other on our roles as Road Captains.  Action items captured during the meeting are at the end of this message.  Please reply to this message and let me know you are committed to the action and due date assigned to you. 

I know some of you let me know that you had conflicts with this meeting.  As always, If any of you no longer want to participate as a RC for the SDC Chapter please let me know ASAP.  The only way this works is if every one in the RC role is doing it because they believe in the value it brings to the Chapter and to themselves.

The first item discussed was Passing:  
It was agreed that we would discuss passing during ride briefings to assure that everyone knows that it is the individuals responsibility of when to pass.  No RC is expected to plan a group pass such that everyone passes at the same time.  It’s hard enough to anticipate distances required for your own pass and almost impossible to anticipate distances required for a group!  The RC will initiate a pass when coming upon a vehicle is moving at a rate below the speed limit and everyone will pass that vehicle when they feel comfortable in passing.  While a passing event is in operation, the Lead RC will “wait” for everyone to complete the pass before resuming normal group riding speed.  Interstate riding was discussed as one of the exceptions where a RC may want to pass as a group, by initiating lane changes around a slow moving vehicle.  Otherwise, our roads don’t support group passing and no RC should be expected to anticipate necessary distances required for an entire group to pass.  An individual shouldn’t be expected to blindly follow a RC into a group pass.  In no uncertain terms is a RC to pass in a no passing zone or in any other illegal fashion.  

The next item discussed was Speed:
It was agreed that RCs will abide by the speed limits and not exceed +5MPH over while leading a ride.  Lots of discussion about whether or not riders were affected by excessive speed ensued with no real conclusions.  It is clear that our HOG General Liability insurance will not cover any accident in an excessive speed ride.  It is also a strong possibility that riders in the group that don’t want to go above the speed limit will not voice displeasure with riding too fast but will just cease to ride with us.  We discussed the need to maximize participation in HOG events to be as beneficial to our sponsor as possible.

We discussed concerns about new riders and identified two new members that we need to watch and be sure to place at the rear of the group until their skills improve.  Part of why you need to attend these meetings is to learn the names of these individuals and to help us identify others.

I asked if there were any roads that we needed to be concerned about or that we needed to check out before a group ride.  Glen said that Hwy 84 and the chip-sealing that is going on needs to be avoided.  He also said that Hwy 14 going south was also undergoing chip-sealing.  In general, when we are riding on roads that have loose gravel (chip-sealing), the RC needs to issue a single-file signal, slow down, and position everyone in the far right side of the lane to stay away from passing vehicles throwing up rocks and breaking headlights.
Gilbert said he would like to check out Hwy 570 before he leads a ride there.  He was urged to send out a note to other RCs to do a checkout ride with him of that HWY.

The last item on the agenda was RC Supplies:
I informed everyone about the metal SDC HOG cabinet that is in the parts area of the dealership.  We will keep several items in that cabinet for RCs and Sweeps to access for each ride.  A clipboard with all the forms on it will be maintained by the Head RC, at least four first aid kits will be kept current and maintained by the Safety Officer, and safety vests will be available for the Lead RC and Sweep for at least two groups.  It will be the responsibility of the Lead RC and Sweep to be sure these items are returned to the cabinet before they are needed by the next rides’ Lead RC and Sweep.  (The cabinet key is on a magnet stuck on the right side near the back of the metal cabinet.)

Open discussion included talk about group riding, the 2 second rule, Bike Nite, Evening Rides, Policing each other (RCs), and how to get new bike owners to join the Chapter.  

Action Items:

  1. Get the forms clipboard put together and placed in the SDC HOG cabinet – Fritz before the next Chapter Ride
  2. Get at least four of the First Aid Kits checked out properly stocked and brought up to date – Bob before July 25 (Next RC Meeting)
  3. Get appropriate number of safety vests ready for use to support at least two groups of Lead RC and Sweep – Bob before July 25
  4. Facilitate Bob’s needs for funds to achieve Actions 2 and 3 – Gilbert and Glen
  5. Include a bit of verbiage on the staggered formation in the group riding article for the July Newsletter – Gilbert by 28 June
  6. Write an article for the newsletter outlining the RC Meeting and agreements we made about Passing and Speed – Fritz by 28 June 

Thanks to all that attended for the commitment, effort, and engaging discussions!


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The La Cuevas Hunt Gallery

This gallery contains 10 photos.

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Grasslands Hunt Gallery

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The Spy Hunt Gallery

This gallery contains 8 photos.

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The Church Hunt Gallery

This gallery contains 15 photos.

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The Southeast Hunt

This one is a bit far afield, so I’ve included a map.

This hunt starts at I-40 and 129. Newkirk has the first 2 pictures.
Say hi to Dizzy. He came with me on this hunt. At this location, I need the 3 tanks and your bike, if you please.

I don’t know what my attraction is with abandoned properties, but these hunts seem to have quite a few of them. The Vista Mini Mart is exactly that, Mini!

Just across I-40 is this still living gas station. Stop in and get a water, stay hydrated while doing this. Don’t forget a picture of the station and your bike.

The gas station is a remote business and they have a interesting selection of Route 66 items for sale. Tiny is an understatement here, but they have a nice selection of drinks and snacks. I stop there whenever I pass by.

Conchas Lake sign. Any sign with your bike in it will do.

If you’ve come this far and haven’t been to Conchas Lake, make the turn off of NM 104 & explore this lake and surrounding area. Make the turn even if you’ve been there, the temperature drops as you get closer to the lake.

If you’re heading north, it’s the last pullout on the left, near the top. If you’re doing this going south, it’s the first pullout on the right. That triangular spot in the middle is a cave or mine, but I’m not sure which.

There are several pullouts, so you can pick and choose, but this one pictured here is the largest and safest one for bikers. Great scenery on this section of 104!

Oh boy! DON’T DO WHAT I DID! Do not park where I did. Park on the other shoulder if you’re going to do this one. It took 2 of us for me to get the bike of the side stand.

No one will get dinged for missing this shot, but it’s a cool conglomeration of parts and worth a look. If you park on the other side of the road, it’s safe. Just send me a picture of the car if you’d like. Submit your pictures to:

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The La Cueva Hunt

This hunt takes you to the La Cueva Mill just off of NM 518 on Route 442. The old adobe mill compex, built in the 1850’s of adobe brick on a rock foundation, was part of a large shipping center for livestock and agricultural products. The mill ground flour for many families in the Mora Valley and the La Cueva area. The mill itself generated electricity through 1949 and today is in good condition and has extensive storage buildings.

The mill building and sign explaining the mill’s history, along with the 510 sign all show where to park.

The currently surviving buildings of the now William Salman Ranch at the Nation Historic Site, are the Big House, the Merchantile Building (Salman Ranch Store), and the La Cueva Mill. The San Rafael Mission Church, some other out building, an old home on a hilltop, and many stone walls also remain.

The mill wheel, Jake and our bikes in the background.

After the mill, your next stop is just a very short distance away. Less than a city block. OH WAIT, this isn’t the city, Just a stone’s throw away on your left.

Wander into the La Cueva Store after you take your picture. Your spouse or partner will love the goodies you find in there. No spouse or partner, spoil yourself then, some delicious items there!

At this point, you can either head back down 518 and explore on your own or continue up 442 to Ocate. The following picture will not count for or against you, but it’s a cool old building. If you choose to follow 442, you’ll enjoy a great ride to Ocate and get to enjoy the high plains area of Mora County. You’ll see more antelope on this route than you could ever hope to see elsewhere. Submit pictures to:

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The Haunted Hunt

This hunt brings us south of I-40 into ghost towns or scarcely populated villages. We start the hunt in an old Post Office located in the ghost town of Negra. Settled by a family named Williams, the town was placed along the AT&SF Railroad in 1905 or 1906.

The building pictured here is visible off of Route 60 and has a very short gravel road to travel to get here. 60 feet or so and hard packed. Just west of Encino on Rte. 60, look for the sign, and stop at the pictured Post Office to get a picture. For some reason, there are church pews inside.
Heading east on 60, you arrive in Encino and on the left side you’ll see the Encino Motel. No exploring here, it’s been fenced off from the scourge of abandoned properties, vandal. Grab your cell phone and take your picture. Keep heading east for the next shooting spot.
On the let side of the road in Vaughn, you’ll see this old service garage. You can enter, but be careful inside. I flipped a u-turn to get this shot.  Hey, you can see my new selfie stick in this pic!
Stop at the bar down the street, but you can’t go in, it’s been closed for years! It’s the Silver Spur and I’m sure Vaughn residents are sorry it’s closed. Another u-turn will bring you back into the hunt! While in Vaughn, I like to stop for lunch at Penny’s Diner! You’ll be headed to Yeso after lunch.
Park anywhere you want in front of this shuttered museum, there’s so little traffic on 60 at this point. There is a shoulder there, but it has a surprise drop off, so be careful. Nina looks good standing there. Explore Yeso, it’s a true ghost town with only 3 residents. Yes, that few residents does give it ghost status.

Submit pictures to:

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A Saturday Ride in the Country and Desert and Forest and Highway

Did the year’s first pickup ride today. Sparse attendance, three riders and myself, but we had a great time. Nice thing about this group, all experienced riders and we kicked ass on the twisties. Right to left: Marvin, Silviano, Tom, and me. The Highroad to Taos is always a fun ride with the Chapter, but in a small group of riders, it was great! Thanks for keeping me company guys, I had a blast!

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Cold Weather Riding? I do it, do you?

I’ve been riding with Dizzy and Rob whenever I can this month and I have to tell you, my new heated gear makes it almost pleasant. I can’t say it’s like a nice spring or fall day’s ride, but I’m enjoying the miles.

I know, I should have smiled, but I was trying out my selfie stick for the first time and concentrating on it.
Dizzy, counting his mufflers.
Dems sum ged lookin Harleys!
Cold! Windy! Really freaking windy! Time to head our separate ways! Once again with the selfie stick!
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OK, this is freaking cool.

I like the idea of keeping the motorcycle feel while having 3 wheels as it’s needed by some.
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Sangre de Cristo HOG Christmas Party Pictures

Names will read right to left.

Good group of 38 people. Three either changed their mind about showing or forgot. We all had a great time and we got a bit loud.

Just a forgotten mention here. All photos in this gallery were taken by Fritz Besch. Great Job Fritz!

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Women on motorcycles through the years

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