Eight of us did the Polar Brrr Ride. I think this was a Gil Danz ride originally, but I’m not sure. Should have asked Gilbert if he knew at lunch. The brave souls that come out, despite the cold, were:

  • Gilbert Gurule, our new Director
  • Glen Post
  • Rob Lunn
  • Pete Hippauf
  • Augie Calija
  • Sweet Caroline
  • Rick Montoya
  • Dizzy Jake

Gilbert led the ride and kept us at a nice pace. The ride took us almost exactly the hour we told management at Chili Hills it would take us to get there. Since this was the first time Gilbert was there, we switched places just before Moriarty. Parking is great and plentiful, and even thought we had to eat outside, the sun kept us nice and warm on the 40° day.

Service was great. The owner kept us topped off with hot chocolate and waters and the food was delivered as soon as it was prepared, so it came out nice and hot. All told, it was about 15 minutes between the first meal came out and the last was delivered.

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Veteran’s Day Ceremony


11-11-2020 our chapter met @ Santa Fe Harley-Davidson for our annual ride to Santa Fe National Cemetery’s Buffalo Soldier Memorial. We do this yearly to honor our vets and to remember those that passed before us. About a dozen of us rode from SFHD @ 11:00 with Jonathan Beswick along to carry the service flags in his pickup truck. Little did we know, he brought his camera gear and as a talented photog and videographer, he started filming almost immediately.

Rick Ribich recited The Final Inspection, the first of the readings. Gilbert Gurule, read Flanders Field, the piece Bill Kennedy always read during these ceremonies. Both were read with visible emotion and possibly a tear or two was shed. In my 6 years with Sangre de Cristo, these ceremonies have always been the most emotional for me.

We had our usual compliment of Chapter Members in attendance on this ride, along with 2 or 3 cages following.


Rick Ribich
Rick Montoya
Gilbert Gurule
Eric Christoffersen
Harry Skip Nichols
John Nutt
Dizzy Jake
Fred Armijo
Bob Tichacek
John Herrera
Steve Whitmer
Paul Hatch
Tom Johnson
Jonathan Beswick (creator of the attached video)

Afterwards, members milled about and some went to visit graves or memorials. Others gathered and talked. Others just left to find their way to Joe’s Dining.
Eleven of us enjoyed Joe’s hospitality. Even with the covid restrictions, it almost felt normal and we left well fed.

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November 11 Veteran’s Day Memorial

I realized that we have Veteran’s Day approaching Wednesday, November 11th. Every year on this day, we ride from Santa Fe Harley-Davidson to Santa Fe National Cemetery and the Buffalo Soldier Memorial to honor our Chapter’s Veterans, and all Veterans of our own personal lives.

Rick Ribich will be reciting The Final Inspection and Bob Bob Bob will recite In Flanders Field. After the readings, we will ask attendees to tell the group of veterans the wish to recognize, either family or friends.

The actual ceremony takes about 30 minutes from arrival until we leave. It is a very moving half hour when we realize how many of our friends have served and have family members that have served and didn’t return to loved ones.

Joe’s Dining has agreed to host our group after the ceremony. I talked with Roland and he said that he was very happy we chose his restaurant for this event. Since had has limited staff, he will be offering us a limited menu to make this visit easier for him and it will give us a shorter wait for lunch.

All members are invited to attend this ceremony, as veterans or grateful citizens. We owe our freedoms to our Veterans. 

Meet @ SFHD @ 10:30 with kick stands up @ 11:00.

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Packing Tips & Guide

When I was the editor, I would post a brown looking page with this same text as below and it was hard to read because of the background image. I felt it had such good info in it that it was worth the struggle to read it. This month I printed it and copied the text below. Let’s get out there and hit the roads for the summer months.

Sometimes it is more about what you leave behind that what you take.

First things first: There are no rules, only guidelines. There is no ‘right’ way to do thing, only personal preferences. And experience is the best teacher. But with a little practice and the proper attitude, packing can be n exciting time of anticipation rather than a tedious chore.

Many people feel that packing a motorcycle is more about what you leave behind that what you take. One technique is to put everything that you would like to bring into a big pile on the floor. Remove the least essential items first. Eliminate items one by one until the pile becomes manageable – and packable. (And don’t forget to check your owner’s manual for the cargo weight limitations of your bike.)

~Lightweight synthetic clothing, such as T-shirts and underwear that can be washed in a hotel sink and dried overnight. (Cotton fabrics take too long to dry in this manner)
~Zip lock bags of various sizes can be extremely useful for organizing items in saddle-bags and duffle bags. They can make it easier and retrieve particular items without unpacking your entire motorcycle. Used the one gallon size to pack one day’s worth of clothes such as t-shirts and undergarments. This makes it easier to unpack just what you need.
~Don’t fold your clothes, roll them. They take up less space that way.
~Pack items that have more than one use. A multi-tool is handier than just a pocket knife.
~When traveling with other riders, compare packing lists and eliminating duplicate items.
~When traveling [two-up] with a spouse or a significant other, ask yourself questions such as: Can we share a tube of toothpaste? or Can I get by using her shampoo for this trip?
~On long trips, consider packing your rattiest underwear, or other clothing items and just throwing them out when your done with it.
~Check the cargo weight limits, as well as the bags and racks and adjust the tire pressure and suspension accordingly.
~Few things are as easy to pack as money & credit cards. If you’re struggling with whether to bring a particular item, consider buying it on the road if you need it.
~If you watch the ounces, the pounds will take care of themselves. Lighter is better.
~When loading the bike, keep as much weight as possible to the bikes center of gravity. ~That means low and toward the tank and distributed evenly from side to side.
~A day or two before you leave, do a dry run. Pack the bike and go for a short ride, then adjust the load as needed.
~If your camping, set up your tent once or twice before you leave. Practice setting it up in the dark too.
~ With your bike fully loaded for your trip, check your headlamp to make sure it’s properly aimed.
~Pack your cold weather and rain gear no matter what time of year it is.
~Plastic bags make great boot liners if you forgot your gaiters. If you forgot your rain gloves, rubber dishwashing gloves make great substitutes.
~A small towel can be wrapped around your neck during a rainstorm to keep water from running down your back and it makes a great shop towel.

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Took the new ride out today!

Almost 300 as it sits now, in the garage. Met Dizzy Jake and did a little loop.
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SDC’s 2019 Veteran’s Commemoration

As with all cell phone photos, there’s a “you get what you get” attitude with them. Thankfully, I have Adobe Photoshop to make what we get better. I have gone through the pictures and removed a lot of unnecessary background to improve on the subject, the people that showed and the bikes.

If you wish to share the pics with anyone, you can do so by right clicking the picture and saving it to your computer. You can also share the link if you prefer. The site is open to all, but only registered chapter members can post to the site.

Glen (a.k.a. Scoop)

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The Lost Wages Hunt

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The La Cuevas Hunt Gallery

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Grasslands Hunt Gallery

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The Spy Hunt Gallery

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The Church Hunt Gallery

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The Southeast Hunt

This one is a bit far afield, so I’ve included a map.

This hunt starts at I-40 and 129. Newkirk has the first 2 pictures.
Say hi to Dizzy. He came with me on this hunt. At this location, I need the 3 tanks and your bike, if you please.

I don’t know what my attraction is with abandoned properties, but these hunts seem to have quite a few of them. The Vista Mini Mart is exactly that, Mini!

Just across I-40 is this still living gas station. Stop in and get a water, stay hydrated while doing this. Don’t forget a picture of the station and your bike.

The gas station is a remote business and they have a interesting selection of Route 66 items for sale. Tiny is an understatement here, but they have a nice selection of drinks and snacks. I stop there whenever I pass by.

Conchas Lake sign. Any sign with your bike in it will do.

If you’ve come this far and haven’t been to Conchas Lake, make the turn off of NM 104 & explore this lake and surrounding area. Make the turn even if you’ve been there, the temperature drops as you get closer to the lake.

If you’re heading north, it’s the last pullout on the left, near the top. If you’re doing this going south, it’s the first pullout on the right. That triangular spot in the middle is a cave or mine, but I’m not sure which.

There are several pullouts, so you can pick and choose, but this one pictured here is the largest and safest one for bikers. Great scenery on this section of 104!

Oh boy! DON’T DO WHAT I DID! Do not park where I did. Park on the other shoulder if you’re going to do this one. It took 2 of us for me to get the bike of the side stand.

No one will get dinged for missing this shot, but it’s a cool conglomeration of parts and worth a look. If you park on the other side of the road, it’s safe. Just send me a picture of the car if you’d like. Submit your pictures to: gbp2965@gmail.com@gmail.com

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The La Cueva Hunt

This hunt takes you to the La Cueva Mill just off of NM 518 on Route 442. The old adobe mill compex, built in the 1850’s of adobe brick on a rock foundation, was part of a large shipping center for livestock and agricultural products. The mill ground flour for many families in the Mora Valley and the La Cueva area. The mill itself generated electricity through 1949 and today is in good condition and has extensive storage buildings.

The mill building and sign explaining the mill’s history, along with the 510 sign all show where to park.

The currently surviving buildings of the now William Salman Ranch at the Nation Historic Site, are the Big House, the Merchantile Building (Salman Ranch Store), and the La Cueva Mill. The San Rafael Mission Church, some other out building, an old home on a hilltop, and many stone walls also remain.

The mill wheel, Jake and our bikes in the background.

After the mill, your next stop is just a very short distance away. Less than a city block. OH WAIT, this isn’t the city, Just a stone’s throw away on your left.

Wander into the La Cueva Store after you take your picture. Your spouse or partner will love the goodies you find in there. No spouse or partner, spoil yourself then, some delicious items there!

At this point, you can either head back down 518 and explore on your own or continue up 442 to Ocate. The following picture will not count for or against you, but it’s a cool old building. If you choose to follow 442, you’ll enjoy a great ride to Ocate and get to enjoy the high plains area of Mora County. You’ll see more antelope on this route than you could ever hope to see elsewhere. Submit pictures to: gbp2965@gmail.com.

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The Haunted Hunt

This hunt brings us south of I-40 into ghost towns or scarcely populated villages. We start the hunt in an old Post Office located in the ghost town of Negra. Settled by a family named Williams, the town was placed along the AT&SF Railroad in 1905 or 1906.

The building pictured here is visible off of Route 60 and has a very short gravel road to travel to get here. 60 feet or so and hard packed. Just west of Encino on Rte. 60, look for the sign, and stop at the pictured Post Office to get a picture. For some reason, there are church pews inside.
Heading east on 60, you arrive in Encino and on the left side you’ll see the Encino Motel. No exploring here, it’s been fenced off from the scourge of abandoned properties, vandal. Grab your cell phone and take your picture. Keep heading east for the next shooting spot.
On the let side of the road in Vaughn, you’ll see this old service garage. You can enter, but be careful inside. I flipped a u-turn to get this shot.  Hey, you can see my new selfie stick in this pic!
Stop at the bar down the street, but you can’t go in, it’s been closed for years! It’s the Silver Spur and I’m sure Vaughn residents are sorry it’s closed. Another u-turn will bring you back into the hunt! While in Vaughn, I like to stop for lunch at Penny’s Diner! You’ll be headed to Yeso after lunch.
Park anywhere you want in front of this shuttered museum, there’s so little traffic on 60 at this point. There is a shoulder there, but it has a surprise drop off, so be careful. Nina looks good standing there. Explore Yeso, it’s a true ghost town with only 3 residents. Yes, that few residents does give it ghost status.

Submit pictures to: gbp2965@gmail.com.

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A Saturday Ride in the Country and Desert and Forest and Highway

Did the year’s first pickup ride today. Sparse attendance, three riders and myself, but we had a great time. Nice thing about this group, all experienced riders and we kicked ass on the twisties. Right to left: Marvin, Silviano, Tom, and me. The Highroad to Taos is always a fun ride with the Chapter, but in a small group of riders, it was great! Thanks for keeping me company guys, I had a blast!

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