Is this the first Harley Dealership in New Mexico? The address is 205 (215?) Central Avenue, Albuquerque. Seven years after the beginning of mass production in Milwaukee New Mexico had a dealership. Imagine the roads the new riders encountered as most were not paved. The Mother Road, Route 66, was still 16 years away from beginning construction. Love the name – “Ye Harley Shope” which probably connects with the horse and buggy culture of the era.

For folks needing a refresher on what the big deal was all about, here is the Silent Gray Fellow. In 1911, 5,625 model 7Ds were manufactured. The 7D’s motor was the F-Head IOE and used by the Company until 1929. It sold for $300 which with inflation would be $7,879 in today’s currency. Ignition was by a magneto and started using bicycle-style pedals to crank the engine. The name was a tribute to William S Harley who was known for his quiet personality.

In other news – A large tariff has been levied on US motorcycles by our allies in Europe in response to the trade war started by Trump. The Company’s response, reported in today’s business news, is to shift manufacturing of HD motorcycles in part to Europe. Where this leads is any ones guess but it can’t be good for the Company after three years of diminished sales or for American manufacturing jobs. Guess we will have to wait and see.

See you on the road….

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Back @ home!

We spent a lot of time on the Lincoln Highway.

Coming into NM.

Coming into NM.

Coming into NM.

The Otto Cemetery.

The Otto Cemetery.

The Otto Cemetery.

The Otto Cemetery.

The Otto Cemetery.

The Otto Cemetery.

The Otto Cemetery.

The Otto Cemetery.

The Otto Cemetery.

Final milage for this trip.

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Still on the road.

So we stopped for the night @ Le Claire Iowa, home of Mike & Frank & Daniel of Antique Archeology. No, we did not visit them. We’re not sure where our next stop is, but it’s not home yet.

Mom and Nina and me, with Paul at the table but hiding.

Mississippi River view from our room.

Mississippi River view from our room.

Mississippi River view from our room.

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More from my vacation.

Lining the bikes up for the official picture in the rain.

It’s getting there.

Almost there.

The last 2 bikes getting in line.

My bike in the center of this pic.

Still in the center of the pic.

Still in the center of the pic!

My award for riding the longest distance to the Collision. The Iron Balls Award.

Posted this on FB announcing to the entire state that I have arrived.

Mom, Nina, Paul & me. Paul didn’t want to lean into the pictures, so he just gets mentioned to annoy.

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Bardstown Ride Report

Well, we made it to the Collision or C6. Met a great group of bikers, had some good times, broke bread with them and I’m pretty damned sure I’ll be back for C7. No more info since I’ve been sworn to secrecy!

Makers Mark Tasting Room

It’s pretty weird, all these warehouses are painted black or dark brown to keep it very warm in them.

Makers Mark 46 may be my new bourbon.

Barrels of booze.

It’s a sign! Really, it’s only a sign…

Yeast vats.

Another sign!

Scenery. Pretty.

Our hotel, The General Nelson Inn.

Info on the old guy…

One of the owners water her buildings painted chocolate brown, with red shutters with the Markers Mark bottle cut into it.

See Mom, I went to church!

Parked in front of church.

Tomorrow, heading north to Michigan!

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Just some stuff from our trip.

I’m in Bardstown Kentucky with Nina and it’s been a very humid trip! Once we hit the state line, I noticed the rise in humidity and more noise coming from the bike.

Yep, my headers broke again. I won’t go into detail, but it’s a design/engineering flaw on the part of Rush.

We arrived in Bardstown at about 4 p.m. and started meeting people I’ve only talked to on the that I belong to. Nice town, nice hotel, but humid as a hot shower.

Just a few pics from last night.

More people and pics to follow. We’re expecting about 90 people.

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Hi there, yes this is your editor/director/hrc/webmaster on a second profile. This one will be used to post here as a user and not as an officer.I made this profile to see how it looks as a user. While I have many sites using this exact same template, none of the have a second profile for me as a user.

While all my sites use this exact template, none of them look alike. The websites are:

  • My business site.
  • A blog site where I post whatever suits me. Not a site for liberals! It really doesn’t matter, if they visit it, I don’t let anyone post there but me.
  • This was a site that I used for a forum from a site that closed and left many hanging. It was popular for a while, but at the end of the second year, it was obviously a dead site. I repurposed it as a blog for my Harley ridings. It’s more fun than the previous one. Fred is my mascot!

Anyway, that’s about it. See you here or in the store.

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Turquoise Trail and More!

Nine of us ventured south on the 2nd of June, looking for some twisties and some good eats!  With our fearless leader (Glen) in the lead, we headed out from Santa Fe Harley Davidson, leaving Antonia and Rob to do some hot dog cooking.  The rest of us had a great ride down to Mountainair, even if it wasn’t the proposed route given by our supreme activity directors (Becky & John).  As usual, we had some great discussions during our lunch including the talk about why you don’t order calamari in Mountainair New Mexico (thankfully for Glen, Jerry’s Ancient Cities Cafe was out).  With our bellies full and our sights set on the open road, we ventured out to our return rides.  Several of us went East to Hwy 285 and Hwy 3, while others made the trip back up Hwy 14 and still another headed West to yet another adventure.  For those of you that didn’t participate, you really missed a great ride and some wonderful companionship.  Looking forward to next weekends ride!!

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Great web site!!!

Glen,  enjoyed the new web site, you did a marvelous job!!! Al

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Welcome to the SDC-HOG website!

I basically moved the old site to a new folder to make sure I didn’t do anything that was permanently destructive, but it sure looks good to me. I’ll leave the old forum where it is currently. Let me know if you feel I should add anything. I’m always open to additions that I missed or didn’t think of.

This site is phone or tablet friendly, so if that’s your internet choice, we’ve got you covered. As a dinosaur, I still prefer and computer. I find it easier to add text and pics from a larger screen.

You can add pictures to your posts here in the member postings section, just use the “Add Media” button above your posting options. I may have to tweak the media sizes, but I’m not done with this yet. There’s more to come.

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Some pictures I’ve taken while riding!

These pics are from the Clayton NM ride.

These pics are from the store ride to the Quarai Ruins in conjunction with Lithia Motors.

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