The Church Hunt

After a delicious lunch with the Ole Fartz, I went church hunting for the SFHD & SDC Scavenger Hunt. Since lunch was in Pecos, the church at the National Monument came to mind.

Boy oh boy, my bike looks good at the Pecos National Monument. This picture was taken March 27. Let’s see what your Harley looks like posed like this.

Inspired by this monument to history, I made the trip down NM Route 3 to check out the church in San Miguel. Right in the heart of the village, it’s an easy find. Stop there and see if you can send me a picture similar to this one.

This church is an old historic fixture in the village of San Miguel. With a cemetery on the grounds, you can view the graves of priests that passed and prominent citizens of the time. Take a walk around the church after you take the picture.

Continuing down Rte. 3, I spied the church in el Pueblo off to my left. Idling though the village, I parked in front to take the picture when I saw the sign on the front of the building.

The el Pueblo Church is one that I know little about, but it’s similar in it’s history to the last church I saw. It too has graves inside the fence.
Nice sign that tells volumes about this church. Don’t forget to snap a picture of it.
And we end this Church Hunt in the Village of Villanueva with the church that was highlighted in National Geographic some years back. Why? It’s the tapestry that the village women created and still hangs here. If the church is open, check it out.

That’s all for this trip. If you find the churches open, please be respectful if you visit them and if there’s a place to leave a donation, do so knowing that it will help with the upkeep of that church.

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