The Grasslands Hunt

This is a great ride. It was about 290 miles from Santa Fe Harley-Davidson and once you get off I-25, at exit 345 or NM 104, you enter the grasslands of Northern New Mexico. We seem be known for mountains and fly-fishing and hiking and other outdoor fun, but we do have huge areas of grazing land. Now you might think that an area called the grasslands would be a boring place to ride through, but it’s really pretty cool. Check it out…

Taking NM Route 104 from Las Vegas, you’ll he towards Trementina, but don’t turn at the sign. If you do, you’ll miss our first photo-op at the abandoned school. It’s near the intersection of 419 & 104. After you snap your picture, head on down 419.
The Canadian River . . . in New Mexico? This is the first crossing of the Canadian you’ll do. Park on the wrong side of the road and take the pic while facing north, and make sure I can see the water, I love water.
Mosquero NM is a painted pony of a town. Empty buildings with various graphics painted on the store fronts that give the town appearance of life. This pic is an easy find.
This tells a story of Mosquero’s cattle history. The brands from the area are many and fun to guess the ranches they represent. The Headquarters is a good place to eat if you’re here when it’s open.
Leaving Mosquero, head west to the booming metropolis of Roy. (HELPFUL HINT: They do have gas here, you just have to find the place. Regular grade only, but it’s better than pushing the bike.) Your photo-op is right at the intersection of 120 & 39. NM 120 is your path to the second crossing of the Canadian River.
This one’s too easy! Stop and read it, you’ll enjoy it.
The bridge over the Canadian River, take 2!
I’ve been here before and never have cars on the street, not this time. Wagon Mound is not a ghost town, but the old main drag sure gives the impression of one.
And you thought the previous one was the last one. Two stations in town. Game over for today, now enjoy the rest of your day!

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