Join Us?

So you want to ride your new Harley? Or maybe you want to dust off that relic you have in your garage? Well, Sangre de Cristo HOG is the answer for you. We ride and we do it in groups. Riding in groups will introduce you to other riders and will open up the roads for you to ride with your new friends.

Just fill out the membership application, attach $2o to it, and get it all to the dealership and give it to a management team member and they will put it in our envelope in the store safe.  Membership Application

The following is a cut and paste from another page here, but it’s relevant;
New rider or new to Harley? 
I’ve been there. I joined Sangre de Cristo 6 years ago and now I’m the director, webmaster, and road captain of the chapter. This happened because of the friends I made here. The chapter taught me riding skills I never had, even for a long time rider. I took the Riding Academy course to improve my skills and riding with the chapter allowed me to hone these skills. You’ll experience roads you never knew existed. You’ll make friends that will have your back in all of life’s journeys. You’ll gain riding confidence that can be tied directly to the chapter.

Check us out, it’s free to try!  Join us on a ride or two. HOG rules allow us to take you on two of our rides without making you join. All you have to do is fill out a liability release at the time of the ride and you can experience our chapter. If you love us, as I know you will, it’s only $20 to join.