Rides from Santa Fe

Looking for some rides when you’re in the Santa Fe area? Well, we’ve got some great rides for you. Check out the rides below and print out the map before you leave home.

Ride to Ribs BBQ
Ribs BBQ is a great 1 hour ride from Santa Fe Harley. Not a straight shot by any definition. Running through the “Wild Hogs” town of Madrid, you’ll experience plenty of twists and turns on both sides of Madrid and as you enter Cedar Crest, you’ll want to be in the left lane and look for the green roof that you’ll see before you see the Ribs Sign.

4 Hour Circle Tour
This ride takes you through the gamut of ride in just under 4 hours, but with the scenery you’ll pass through, figure on more than 4 hours with stops. The Sugar Nymph Cafe in Penasco is a great lunch/snack stop. Check their desserts, they’re a meal in themselves!

Cuba! Really? Well, sort of…
Yes, you can tell your friends you rode your Harley to Cuba, but it will be your choice if you add New Mexico to the destination. It says 4 hours and 17 minutes, but that only works if you don’t stop and you will stop, repeatedly. Lunch at el Brunos? Look left as you ride through Cuba and you’ll see the sign.

Another Route to Cuba? Sure, why not…
OK, el Brunos is worth a second, shorter ride to get there. Hey, I like the place! This one takes you to Bodes General Store, which is a great place to top off your tank with pure gasoline, no ethanol! Go a little farther to route 96 and follow that to Cuba!

Taos Loop Route
This ride takes you through the High Road to Taos again, but it’s worth it. Going to Taos is a must do if you’ve brought your spouse, partner, whatever. The stated time on the ride is almost a joke here with the shops and restaurants in Taos. Make it a day trip!

Eastern New Mexico Ride. 333 Miles?! Yikes!
This is one of my favorite rides. If you’re a fan of rural, this could be considered super rural. Some of the towns shown on the map are “don’t blink” towns. Google maps says 5 hours 35 minutes, but what fun is that. Roy, NM is a very small town that is a must stop on this ride. Just the photo ops alone are worth it. And since Mosquero has a restaurant, you may want to stop there. The turn in Roy will take you into the Canadian River Valley. What a nice place to stop for pictures. This route is one where watching your gas levels is a must. You’ve been warned! Update: There now is gas in Roy. Regular grade only, but that’s better than running out of gas, right?

Las Vegas, NM and Back to Santa Fe Harley the Long Way.
OK, I do an abbreviated version of this route frequently. I bank in Las Vegas and head to Santa Fe Harley on this route afterwards. Quite a bit of highway, but if you can work your way down to NM Route 60, which is south of I-40, it adds interest to the posted route. Either way, both routes are pretty good.

A Great Restaurant Ride 
This is a really good restaurant with a huge paved parking lot. La Cocina Restaurant is a really nice place to eat. Local cuisine and other options with less heat are both offered in this restaurant. Their address is: La Cocina Restaurant, 415 W Santa Clara Bridge Rd, Española. Stick it in your GPS if you need too. I like to take the 502 turn off to 30 and you bypass about 6 stoplights.

Something Different . . . 
. . . but geared to travelers that are here from gun free areas that wish to experience shooting a firearm. MAGS Indoor Shooting Range in Moriarty, NM. They have gun rentals and offer you a chance to fire full-automatic guns if that’s your dream. This addition was added because many of SFHD’s visitors actually used to do this at a Santa Fe gun shop that has since closed. MAGS will provide basic gun training and a range safety official to ensure safety.

The Secret City Ride!
Los Alamos, the Secret City, is no longer a secret, but the security up there is very much in evidence still. The route on this map takes you to Pajarito’s Brewpub & Grill in Los Alamos. If you plan to explore the areas around Los Alamos, you should know that certain areas still require you to present identification. Don’t be worried, just aware of this.