UNDER CONSTRUCTION~~~Santa Fe Harley-Davidson & Sangre de Cristo Harley Owner’s Group Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt

In 2019 we don’t have the Miles High Challenge as an excuse to rack up the miles on our Harleys, so we’re going to do a scavenger hunt as this year’s excuse. On the linked pages below, you will see a variety of pictures that you need to duplicate as best you can. The pictures don’t have to be an exact match, but you have to capture the essence of the scavenger hunt pictures.


  • Points will be assigned for each submitted picture, with bonus points awarded if you do all of the pictures in a set.
  • This series of hunts is easier to work with a smart phone. You can compare your pics to the pics at this website.
  • Each set of pictures is designed to be done in one day’s ride. Some will take less time.
  • You have to ride and include a picture that contains a picture of your bike in a similar position as the one in the set. (Don’t put yourself or your bike in jeopardy. All pics in these hunts that show the bike on the road on the wrong side or in the center of the road are a roads that see little or no traffic.)
  • Some of the picture sets will have bonus pictures that if you can find the subject and take a similar picture, you get extra points.
  • If you’re doing this as a group, one picture of all the bikes will suffice. Include the names of all the riders.
  • By joining this Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt, you acknowledge that Santa Fe Harley-Davidson/KTM and Sangre de Cristo Harley Owner’s Group will beheld blameless for any and all problems you encounter along the way.

Points are posted by each picture. All pictures are in order that I’ve taken them and that should help you find all the spots. If you miss one, you can go back anytime. Hey, it’s a game, let’s not do anything that could get yourself hurt. 25 bonus points for complete hunts. Other bonus points are listed on the pages. Example: Having your server take a picture of your group in a listed restaurant.

Submitting photos:
You will see this link or something similar on each hunt page. Click this link to submit your photos! You can submit your photos at anytime, but scoring will be posted only at the end of every month. By submitting your photos, you agree to allow Santa Fe Harley-Davidson/KTM & Sangre de Cristo Harley Owner’s group’s usage of all photos as we deem necessary. Store or Chapter website, brochures, or in store advertising is possible.

Different Hunts:

The Church Hunt
The church hunt is not about religion, but it’s about history. The churches you’re looking for are all old, historic and were/are the center of village life when they built. One exception would be the one pueblo church. That appeared to be built on the outskirt of the pueblo. 115 total points looking for churches.

The Grasslands Hunt
This hunt is over 200 miles of riding, but the scenery is pretty nice. There’s a total of 205 points available if you find all the photo-ops. Once you turn off I-25 onto NM104 in Las Vegas, you might want to top off the gas tank by turning left and then heading south after you finish. This hunt takes you to Trementina, Mosquero, Roy, and finally Wagon Mound. I make this run frequently. Scenic, serene, historic, and just plain cool.

The Spy Hunt
The City of Los Alamos, a.k.a. The Secret City, is the destination of this short hunt. Our first short hunt! Just three easy targets for this trip, so take your partner and cruise up to L.A. 100 point with bonus points possible. Short hunt, short points Have your server from the Blue Window Bistro or Pajarito Brew take your party’s picture for 25 bonus points!

The Haunted Hunt
Let’s hunt for ghosts on this hunt. Maybe you want to save this hunt for October so it’s closer to Halloween! When I scout this hunt, I had 4 towns in mind, Negra, Encino, Vaughn and Yeso. All towns that I’ve explored before. Now Vaughn and Encino are not really ghosts, but they have a goodly number of abandoned buildings in them. The railroad caused these towns to come into existence, but as time progressed, the support these towns provided was replaced by modern technology. 135 points with an extra 25 points available for an extra effort.

Send all submissions to gbp2965@gmail.com