The Spy Hunt

New Mexico’s Secret City, or Los Alamos is where you start looking for this little hunt.

At the visitor’s center is this HUGE pot at the entrance. Dizzy and VT Rider joined me on this leg of my Scavenger Hunt creation. If you bring friends with you, make sure you name them if they’re playing this game! They can get credit from the same picture. Let’s make this one worth 30 points.
On the road to Bandolier National Monument is this very cool looking rock. Don’t speed past it, it’s worth 50 points!
This is an easy picture, park and walk away to get your bike with the entrance sign to get 20 points!

25 bonus points if you have your server take your picture at Pajarito Brewpub or the Blue Window Bistro. I’ve been to both several times, so no cheating! Bonus points for only one restaurant, so there’s no need to eat at both.